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Inspirational images

I have been researching communities for the GIDE design project to find some sort of basis for my design and came across the ideas of utopia and dystopia, now dystopian architecture is very prominant in films and computer games, such as Blade Runners Los Angeles, Akiras Neo Tokyo and Half Life 2's City 17, so i decided to start by looking at these to get some inspiration for the office concept drawings.

Akira - Neotokyo

Metropolis Anime
Neotokyo mod for half-life 2
Half-Life 2's City 17

Bladerunner's Los Angeles + Apartment
As you can see, these bleak city scapes are actually brimming with life and a sense of community, albiet a dystopian one, the authority or situation actually causes these people to band together creating a lively cityscape with lots of intricate detail (thanks mainly to film makers and game designers). The apartment in Bladerunner is actually based on Frank Lloyd Wrights
"Ennis House" which gives it an anchor to reality compared to some of the more futuristic skyscrapers. Half-lifes City 17 has a very distinct eastern european feel to it, again under the oppression from an authority based in the large, towering skyscraper in the center of the city. (possibly based on the ziggurat from metropolis?)
I will also be looking into Utopian architecture as part of the positive / negative concept.